Storytel story in Spain was I came, I saw, I conquered. We are official providers in both European and neutral Spanish, and we hope to continue being part of their journey. We want to be part of those 86,400 seconds of the day that audio can help to multiply. Because, ultimately, audio allows you to be multitask, and add life to your life. If you want to know more about the books have produced for them, just ask us.


ONCE has been for us both a client and a school since 2005. A client because they have steadily trust us to record part of their audiobook production, and a school because it allows improve in every new production, always keeping the end user in mind. Ultimately, the basis of everything.


We were TVE audiodescription official providers in 2016 since then, hundreds of programs have been broadcast on TV where you can hear our audiodescription: Cuéntame, Novéntame, El Señor de los Bosques, Hit, La Magia del Gran Azul, Memoria de España, Olmos y Robles, Master Chef, Brain Games, Central Market, and multitude of Christmas movies or programs. We began our accessibility journey by their side, and they have undoubtedly been crucial to take the leap to other platforms.

Mercedes Benz

We usually walk everywhere, but Mercedes-Benz does not seem to care, because we are Daimler official suppliers since 2004. Daimler is a great client because they act very similar to what they produce: they are honest, reliable and solid. But, above all, they are a great client because they have challenged us to grow. We started recording for them in two languages and currently we record up to 37. To answer the requirements of a client its size, we have woven what today is a solid network of collaborators all around the globe, expanded our product formats and reduced our production times.

After 17 years of collaboration we can say, without hesitation, that we are now better than when we started.